My First Attempt At A Blog

So I’m still a little rusty with this blog thing, so please dont be to critical.

I’m a young author who self published my first book late last year. Ballo Di Anima originally started as a short story, the first chapter has been published in a magazine. But I fell in love with the character and had to write more. So my story turned from a short story about a drunken teen into a romantic novel about a girl court up in a vampires ritual. I love this book, it has a bit of everything, love, lust, betrayal, conflict, a clumsy teen and a heart throb vampire. But one thing my book doesnt have is any form of sex or swearing. I have always had a theory one should not take a photo or write about anything you wouldnt let your nanna read. So this book would make a great gift from any mum to her teenage daughter.

I have also had a lot of fun writing some short stories, while none are yet to be published I really had so much fun writing them. While some of these would make me blush if I ever showed my nanna, I realized she is like 60 and has had children, There is nothing I can write about that she doesnt already know. So while they might be a bit sexual they are all lovely stories many are really emotional and were written during a time of my life were I was struggling and I used my writing as an out let.

So here is a link to my book, I would LOVE if you could give it a read and give me some feed back!, or just google the title: Ballo Di Anima by Samantha Jeffrey. There are some copies out there for under $20 or just buy the eBook, Amazon has a rather good price for my book too!


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