A Frustrating Day for Mum

So the little one was up at 4am this morning, that I did a big house clean as the in-laws were suppose to come over, but last minute decided they wanted to do something else, my husband has gone off to footy. And while the little one is asleep I’d love to write but I’m so tired and frustrated I cant focus on anything!
I think lunch and a ‘mummy’ nap is in order!


My First Attempt At A Blog

So I’m still a little rusty with this blog thing, so please dont be to critical.

I’m a young author who self published my first book late last year. Ballo Di Anima originally started as a short story, the first chapter has been published in a magazine. But I fell in love with the character and had to write more. So my story turned from a short story about a drunken teen into a romantic novel about a girl court up in a vampires ritual. I love this book, it has a bit of everything, love, lust, betrayal, conflict, a clumsy teen and a heart throb vampire. But one thing my book doesnt have is any form of sex or swearing. I have always had a theory one should not take a photo or write about anything you wouldnt let your nanna read. So this book would make a great gift from any mum to her teenage daughter.

I have also had a lot of fun writing some short stories, while none are yet to be published I really had so much fun writing them. While some of these would make me blush if I ever showed my nanna, I realized she is like 60 and has had children, There is nothing I can write about that she doesnt already know. So while they might be a bit sexual they are all lovely stories many are really emotional and were written during a time of my life were I was struggling and I used my writing as an out let.

So here is a link to my book, I would LOVE if you could give it a read and give me some feed back! http://www.xlibris.com.au/bookstore/bookdisplay.aspx?bookid=502138, or just google the title: Ballo Di Anima by Samantha Jeffrey. There are some copies out there for under $20 or just buy the eBook, Amazon has a rather good price for my book too!